What happens in an Internet minute?

Sixty seconds online and millions of users -- what happens in a minute on the web?
Written by Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer

Sixty seconds online and millions of users -- what happens in a minute on the web?

In only 60 seconds, almost 640TB of data is transferred around the world. A world away from the time of dial-up and 250mb desktop computers, this vast amount of data is continually mined by service providers, advertisers and businesses looking to profit from our online activity.

Our behavioral patterns are a way to profit for many, but as this infographic from Intel shows, our surfing habits can be broken down into a number of social elements too. In just a minute, Google's search engine will have answered over two million queries, while the video streaming service YouTube allows users to view approximately 1.3 million videos -- at the same time uploading roughly 30 hours of content.

In terms of social media, Facebook generates over six million views in sixty seconds and 100,000 tweets will be shared. However, email still reigns -- with over 204 million sent every minute.

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According to Intel, online business appears to be booming, as Amazon rakes in $83,000 in sales. However, the expansion of online and digital services harbors risk, as 20 people a minute also become the victim of identity theft.

Based on these figures, Intel believes that in the future, the number of networked devices in operation will be double the global human population. In addition, in 2015, five years' worth of video is expected to flood online networks per second.

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