What market disrupting device will Nokia reveal on 21 June?

Nokia hasn't exactly embraced MeeGo as a platform of choice, but it looks like they may be revealing some details next week. Then again, maybe they will simply show another Symbian device.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

Even as a fan of Nokia products, it is a bit difficult for me to get too excited about a MeeGo device given that Nokia had very little to say at the recent MeeGo Conference and has committed to Windows Phone for its primary smartphone platform. The folks at iTWire received an invite to a special Nokia event on Tuesday 21 June where Nokia will reveal a "new market disrupting device."

That is quite a bold claim that I seriously doubt can happen at this point with people focused on iOS and Android platforms. Nokia did not state that it was a MeeGo device, but it is the only thing possible given that Windows Phone isn't coming until late 2011 and there is nothing remotely market disrupting about the Symbian platform.

I'm sure I will want to play with a MeeGo device, but just because they might reveal one doesn't mean it will be launching right away either. And given Nokia's track record for announcing and delivering we may not even see this MeeGo device launch until next year. Any readers excited about a MeeGo device at this point?

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