What we're reading: Charlotte's new streetcars

Overseas innovation; Happy Birthday, parking meter; America: country of cities; Charlotte's streetcar project; paved roads, R.I.P.
Written by Andrew Nusca, Contributor

1.) Bruce Nussbaum: When it comes to innovation, U.S. companies talk the talk and Asian and European companies walk the walk.

2.) It's the 75th anniversary of the parking meter (and the hatred for them).

3.) A country of cities: Vishaan Chakrabarti imagines a market-based approach to land use in the U.S.

4.) Fueled by federal grants and city coffers, Charlotte, N.C. plans a 10-mile streetcar project.

5.) Many country roads in the U.S. have deteriorated so much that local officials are reverting them to gravel.

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