What will be announced at the New York Nokia Open Studio?

I'll be covering the Nokia Open Studio event in September and am curious to see what types of announcements Nokia will make here in the U.S. It seems that Europe and other countries get all the cool Nokia toys first and I am hopeful that we'll see something here, but with the way our carriers and regulatory agencies operate I am tempering my hopes too.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

OK, it is appearing like today is Nokia day on my blog, but I just had to post one more entry regarding the company and upcoming news. I am going to be out in Boston at the end of September for a short 3 day trip and the timing couldn't have been more perfect as I also received an invitation for another event in New York City the day I am traveling to Boston. I then paid for some adjustments to my schedule and will be flying into NY on the morning of September 26th to attend the next Nokia Open Studio event. As you can see on the Nokia press website covering the last Open Studio in Berlin, the event looks to be quite interesting for Nokia smartphone fans. At the Berlin press event, Nokia revealed the N72, N73, and N93. As I posted earlier, Nokia is offering the E70-2 and N93 in the U.S. at their Flagship stores and I am very curious to see if they will launch something new at this U.S. event. They may announce something like the E62 (Nokia E61 without WiFi) from Cingular, but I can't think of any other devices in the rumor mill that might be launched here. Do you have any speculation on what, if anything new, Nokia will announce at the event?


I plan to take some video of the announcements/events/devices with the Nokia N90 and post them on YouTube to share so stay tuned for that. I can't stay until the evening's reception, but I will be stopping by the Nokia Flagship store on my way to the train station and will take some photos and/or video of that experience.

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