What would Steve Jobs Tweet?

One of Bill Gates' New Years resolutions must have been to starting Tweeting. Because he just did.
Written by Jason D. O'Grady, Contributor

It's official, the Bill Gates is on Twitter.

He had about 241 followers after being online for three hours and currently has about 118k followers – about nine hours since his maiden post. Expect that number to rocket to over a million by the morning. (Notice that shiny "verified account" banner at the top? Yeah, it's been confirmed as the real deal.)

His maiden tweet? Aptly "Hello World." followed by "Hard at work on my foundation letter - publishing on 1/25." Oh, and he uses the Web interface not some super-secret, ninja Twitter client for Windows Mobile 7 or anything cool like that.

I'm on board for a follow, after all the man founded Microsoft for crying out loud.

Now if only Steve Jobs would join the Twitter revolution and start using his account. I could see his maiden post right now:

You'll never guess what I'm holding in my hands *right now* :)

What do you think SJ's maiden tweet would be? Post it in the TalkBack below.

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