What's it take to build a new hyrbid car? Try 119 new patents.

Here's the Fusion instructional screen. Provided by Ford Motor.
Written by Harry Fuller, Contributor

Here's the Fusion instructional screen. Provided by Ford Motor. Ford's America's only carmaker NOT to need a federal bailout. And today the company's proudly releasing some patent info on the 2010 Ford Fusion hybrid. Like it has 119 patents inside. And Ford just got a high grade from The Patent Board which tracks innovation across major industries worldwide. You can go here to see how Patent Board ranks auto companies, and other industries as well.

Says a Ford release, "The Patent Board recently issued its Top 10 Innovators in Automotive & Transportation Patent Scorecard for the fourth quarter of 2008, which ranks Ford above all other automakers in Research Intensity and Industry Impact. Ford’s Research Intensity score, which is more than twice that of the industry average, indicates the extent to which its portfolio includes patents with strong scientific support."

The Patent Board's overall scorecard shows GM, Toyota, and Honda inthe top five globally, along with Ford and Denso. Denso is a Japanese company making electronic parts for cars. Ford says its Fusion will get up to 47 MPG. It will travel as much as 700 miles on a single tank of gas, in city driving. Ford says it wants to sell the most fuel efficient sedan available in America.

Patents on the Fusion Hybrid include Ford’s new-generation hybrid powertrain and SmartGauge with EcoGuide digital instrument cluster that helps coach drivers to achieve better fuel efficiency. So thius car will not only remind you to fasten your seat belt, it'll guide you toward saving fuel and money.

Here's a nifty life-saver the Fusion will introduce: Blind Spot Information System with Cross Traffic Alert. This will help warn drivers of impending traffic while backing out. It uses radars to pick up moving objects within a 65-foot range from either side of the vehicle.

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