What's the ROI on your mobile marketing?

Many small businesses are investing in mobile search and local marketing campaigns. Make sure the tool or service your company chooses is backed by thorough analytics.
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor

One big gripe small businesses have with the dozens of mobile marketing tools now at their disposal is their inability to tell, quickly, which campaigns are working and which are not.

That's why one of the emerging service providers in the mobile search optimization space, VocalizeMobile, has invested in putting a big data analytics engine from ClickFuel (called Fuel Station) behind its service. In short, Fuel Station helps VocalizeMobile customers track productivity and effectiveness more easily through a relatively straightforward analytics dashboard.

Using this tool, VocalizeMobile was able to document a sales increase of more than $500,000 over six months for one customer, Texas-based Easy Moving Company. Behind that growth was a targeted mobile search campaign that generated an average of 60 new phone calls per month that each had a successful conversion rate of more than 75 percent. Using that information, Easy Moving was able to launch similar campaigns in other cities.

"The analytics delivered on the Fuel Station dashboard serve as invaluable tools to our business, providing the specific data needed to reduce the time analyzing each customer campaign," said Philip Krim, founder and CEO of VocalizeMobile, which is based in New York. "ClickFuel also provides our sales representatives with the insight they need to validate to customers, like Easy Moving Company, that our platform generates the highest-quality leads with the fastest returns."

I'm not necessarily advocating VocalizeMobile's service, because I haven't used it myself, but this example does raise the question: how closely can your organization track the specific, local leads being generated by its mobile search marketing efforts?

The benefits of big data analytics don't have to be limited just to big companies, so you would do well to ensure that they sit behind any mobile or social media marketing service that you choose for your small company.

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