What's up with the HP Mobile Media Companion?

There are some details on a new HP Pocket PC device that has a completely unique form factor and design. However, there are no specs on the storage capacity which is important for something that is marketed as a video player and why is the display so dang small?


Credit: Mobility Site

I read an article on Mobility Site about a new HP mobile device that looks to be launching in Asia. The HP rx4000 Mobile Media Companion is a Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC with a unique form factor similar to something like a small UMPC or Portable Media Center. Specifications include a small 2.8 inch display, integrated WiFi and Bluetooth, and navigation buttons around the perimeter. I couldn't find any details on the processor or storage capacity, but if it doesn't have an integrated flash or hard drive then I really don't see the point of the device over a regular Pocket PC. The 2.8 inch display is also a bit confusing to me since something you are marketing to watch videos on should have a display larger than the small Pocket PC Phone Edition devices. It looks like a Dell Axim X51v is a better mobile media companion than this device with a large 3.7 inch VGA display. I guess I don't really get the point of this device, do you?


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