When SAP certification does not make sense

Getting additional IT certification is generally a good thing, but not when it does not help achieve your career goal, HR practitioner says.
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Q. I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering, and I have a Master of Science in Finance and Accounting.

I am now taking the SAP FI certification course. I am interested in a finance job, and would probably like to end up as a CFA (Chartered Financial Accountant). I am 25 years old. Am I on the right track?

Career advice from Stella Thevarakam, regional HR director of ISS Consulting, a technology consulting company with operations in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia:
A. You have a Master of Science degree in Finance and Accounting, and want to end up as a CFA. Why then would you want to undergo SAP FI certification? Someone would only want to do a certification in SAP FI if he or she is interested to pursue a career as a SAP functional consultant. So, it doesn't look like you are quite on track. Of course, you can add this and many other certifications to your resume, but it neither puts you on a faster track to become a CFA, nor helps you be a better CFA.

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