Where do millennials go for digital media and content?

Where do you prefer to go for inspiration for online media content -- and do milennials get their inspiration elsewhere?
Written by Eileen Brown, Contributor

How do millennials' creative habits stack up against other creators in the workplace? Do enterprises need to consider several different content sites to inspire content creators across all age ranges?

Arlington, VA-based digital media company for content creators Storyblocks wanted to find what makes content creators tick.

It surveyed over 1,000 content creators between the ages of 18 to 65 across the United States to try and determine patterns in their content habits.

It wanted to discover what platforms they use the most -- or the least, where they find their inspiration for content creation, and what they actually create online.

For creative inspiration, millennials look to platforms such as YouTube (23 percent) and Pinterest (21 percent). Only 12 percent of 33-65 year olds used YouTube, and 15 percent use Pinterest.

Where do millennials go to for digital media and online content ZDNet

Only 6 percent of millennials get their inspiration from online publications, however, 15 percent aged over 33 said online publications was where they get their inspiration.

Millennials seem to be amongst the most tech-savvy of the content creative world. Around 27 percent reported that they accessed stock media via an API integration tool. This is significantly higher than older content creators.

Only 7 percent reported accessing media in this way. Most content creators use software products for editing content.

Just over half (51 percent) of millennials reported that they plan to use software to edit a digital image while 35 percent plan to create, produce or edit a video over the next 12 months.

More millennials plan to take up blogging, with 25 percent reporting that they anticipated doing this during the next year, compared with 19 percent of respondents aged between 33-65 years.

Around 14 percent reported that they would create their own mobile app compared to 7 percent of respondents aged over 33 years old.

The survey showed that millennials do not tend to use content creation platforms such as Adobe. Only one in four millennials (25 percent) actually use the platform.

However, whilst at work they most often use stock media for work-related projects for their employers. Over half of millennials (53 percent) use stock media. As part of a hobby, 30 percent will use stock media.

Brands should consider using a wide range of content sites to capture the imagination of all of their workforce, and creative directors should consider adding their own inspirational content to these social platforms to capture the attention of millennials.

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