SEEN launches Creators directory to help brands identify the right influencers for campaigns.

How can brands work with influencers to craft an authentic message, avoiding pitfalls as agencies push for automation across marketing campaigns?
Written by Eileen Brown, Contributor

Influencer marketing agency SEEN has launched two new services for influencers and brand marketers: Snapfluence and Creators.

Its Creators directory is available to the company's clients, whereas Snapfluence is open to the public. The product aims to support the influencer community by providing content and industry news.

SEEN Creators is a curated directory of content creators and influencers intended for brand marketers. It was developed using social data analysis, and consumer trend analysis.

Content creators are indexed and categorized to provide an audience match for brands and to improve make influencer and marketer communication.

Snapfluence is a curated set of content and resources for visual creators and social influencers. The network features stories and best practices from influencers and marketers, hosting meet-ups to encourage them to get together for collaboration.

The product is intended to be an advocate for the influencers to ensure that they are aware of opportunities. Content is focused on what influencers need to know.

Like Voltu, Sysomos, and Instabrand, SEEN believes that the human element is essential to influencer marketing.

Agencies are trying to automate their influencer marketing. Some agencies act as agents between influencers and brands, whilst others use automated dashboards to identify the influencers with the most followers.

Even micro-influencers are changing the way that brands do marketing and non celebrity influencers are key to driving in store purchases.

Influencers help to build trust, loyalty and community with brand audiences and are essential for marketing success.

Being able to identify influencers who can add a personal touch to a brand's offering will go a long way to helping customers establishing better connections with the brand.

Building relationships between brands and influencers who create either sponsored or non-sponsored, posts in our feeds do influence us to purchase.

Identifying the right influencers for campaigns will go a long way towards getting us interested in the hot new thing - and recommending it to others.

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