White House says Healthcare.gov fixes made

The administration has announced that they have met their self-imposed deadline for making the health care marketplace site usable.
Written by Larry Seltzer, Contributor

A "HealthCare.gov Progress and Performance Report" released by the Center for Mediare and Medicaid Services (CMS) in the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) declares that the end-of-month deadline for fixes to the healthcare.gov web site has been met.

The report was released at a press briefing Sunday morning with Jeffrey Zients, the man President Obama tasked to oversee the fixes. Zients announced that:

...the average system response time is under 1 second; the error rate is "consistently well below 1 percent"; the online system is stable — not crashing — more than 90 percent of the time; as many as 50,000 shoppers can use the site at the same time, or up to 800,000 visits a day.

The report concludes:

As the metrics detailed in this report reveal, dramatic progress has been made on improving HealthCare.gov. There is more work to be done to continue to improve and enhance the website and continue to improve the consumer experience in the weeks and months ahead. The new management system and instrumentation have helped improve site stability, lower the error rating below 1%, increase capacity to allow 50,000 concurrent users to simultaneously use the site and will help drive continuous improvement on the site. While we strive to innovate and improve our outreach and systems for reaching consumers, we believe we have met the goal of having a system that will work smoothly for the vast majority of users.

Hat tip to the Washington Post.

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