Whither Green IT strategy in 2010? Latest Forrester research shows renewed enthusiasm

Forrester: Data center rationalization projects and power management initiatives will drive Green IT initiatives in 2010.
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor

More than half of all businesses of all sizes now have criteria in place to ensure that their technology purchases conform to at least some green criteria. That's the latest indicator from Forrester Research's ongoing surveys tracking the state of enterprise green IT adoption.

The data indicate that 47 percent of companies have a green IT plans or strategies in motion, while another 30 percent are considering at least one project. Only 23 percent said they had no plans for some sort of Green IT agenda.

The Forrester survey in November 2009 covered 602 enterprises and SMBs from around the globe, and included 900 IT professionals.

Among those respondents that aren't supporting a Green IT initiative, close to 60 percent said they had too many other competing priorities to make this a focus. Another 40 percent said accountability was a problem and that there was no defined ownership of green initiatives within their company. Only 29 percent said they couldn't see the ROI, which makes a lot of sense considering that the top three motivators among those who ARE working on Green IT operations are (in this order):

  1. Reduce energy-related operating expenses
  2. Reduce other IT operating expenses (e.g., maintenance or labor spending)
  3. Do the right thing for the environment

There are two clear focal points for Green IT in the coming 12 months, according to the new Forrester data. The first centers on data center consolidation activities, especially application rationalization.
Here's some more of the data center information:
The other big area will be PC power management. Approximately 46 percent of the respondents are already doing something in this area, but another 14 percent will take on a power management project in the new year.

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