Why have large software providers embraced Eclipse?

ISVs also see Eclipse as a model for other software projects to come.
Written by Dana Gardner, Contributor

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Eclipse is being used by two-thirds of Java shops today, and has taken the market for IDEs by storm over the last two years. Part of that adoption growth has been due to large ISVs dropping their own IDEs in favor of Eclipse. But why would they do that?

I recently moderated a sponsored BriefingsDirect podcast on the impact of Eclipse Foundation on the development market -- taking a look at infrastructure ISVs, those large vendors that are using Eclipse instead of their own development environments, and why.

Joining me on the podcast are representatives from two major software vendors: From BEA Systems, Bill Roth, the vice president of the BEA Workshop Business Unit, and from Wind River, Steve Heintz, the director of product management for developer technologies.

Have a listen as we learn why very different large software tools, platform, and runtimes providers are hip to Eclipse. And they also see Eclipse as a model of other software projects to come. In addition to listening, feel free to look over the full transcript of the discussion here. Podcast sponsor: Eclipse Foundation.

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