Why I will buy a new iPad

No matter what Apple stuffs inside the next generation iPad, I will buy one like millions of you.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

It is iDay, the day Apple shares with the world its next edition of the madly popular iPad. As usual there are rumors covering every aspect of what the new iPad will have and do, even what it might be called. While there is no way to know for certain what Apple has in store for the next generation iPad, one thing is without question -- I will be buying one.

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Maybe I won't grab one as soon as they go on sale, I have a perfectly good iPad 2 that isn't going to be any less good after the new model is out. I will get one, though, and for one reason. The new iPad will be better than the iPad 2. This is the formula that Apple has followed with its top-selling products and it is a given the new iPad will follow it. Whether but the new model will have enough over the iPad 2 to justify the price may be a personal decistion, it is without question it will be better in significant ways.

You would think that all OEMs would make sure its refreshed models outshine the ones they replace, but this isn't the case more often than you might think. I have purchased a refreshed laptop more than once, only to find the OEM changed something that makes the new one worse than the old. Whether design changes or software modifications, complex gadgets don't always get better with iteration.

That's where Apple shines over its competition, in always offering more value and more capability with each new iteration. That makes the decision to upgrade an easy one for customers, and good for Apple's bottom line.


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