Why projects fail: Obstacles and solutions

Here are slides from my presentation at the Babson College Center for Information Management Studies (CIMS), covering how to understand and prevent failed IT projects.
Written by Michael Krigsman, Contributor

Troubled IT projects remain a challenge for organizations of all sizes.

With this in mind, I recently presented an educational session, on understanding and preventing IT failure, to 30 senior project managers at Babson College's Center for Information Management Studies (CIMS). The session involved two parts: a presentation lecture followed by an interactive workshop.

It was fascinating to hear the war stories from this group of project veterans. Participants shared many common issues and challenges, despite differences in organizational size or industry.

For me, it is particularly valuable to hear the stories, challenges, and successes of IT practitioners. Those stories and experiences ensure that this blog remains practical and useful.

Here's a copy of the presentation slides. Let me know what you think and how to make them better!

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