Why your office needs more plants

Office plants not only look good but they can also improve productivity in the workplace.
Written by Tyler Falk, Contributor

So you've added round tables to your office to make it a more collaborative space. Here's another office design tip: get more plants.

That's because a new study shows that while office plants look nice they also have other positive, non-aesthetic, impacts on the office environment.

The study, conducted by the University of Exeter in the U.K., compared people's productivity, creativity, and well-being in different work settings.

The results? Workplaces with office plants increased well-being by 47 percent, creativity by 45 percent, and productivity by 38 percent.

"The findings, which would be expected to translate to a significant increase in business profitability, confront the popular belief that plants and art are an unnecessary or even wasteful element of the business environment," the report said.

The one caviate worth noting, the study took place at the Chelsea Flower Show, so it's safe to assume that the people who took part in the study are highly-interested in plants. That could have had an impact on the results of the study, though it's not the only study to find a positive health link between plants and people.

And who doesn't want another excuse to beautify your office?

Read more: University of Exeter

Photo: Flickr/Flower Factor

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Photo: Flickr/Flower Factor

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