Wikileaks loses domain name after DoS attacks

Wikileaks has lost its DNS services after its provider pulled the plug following a massive denial-of-service attack to the site
Written by Darren Pauli, Contributor

The DNS services of Wikileaks.org and Cablegate.org have been ceased in a move that may torpedo efforts to access the websites.

The websites can still be accessed via their IP addresses — and, respectively — according to a Wikileaks list of IP address mirrors. Alternatives are also on the mirror site.

However, the DNS services that allows a user to enter an alphabetical web address, such as www.wikileaks.org, have been ceased. Users attempting to type in the address will be served a blank page.

Wikileaks' DNS provider EveryDNS.net pulled the DNS services at 10pm EST (3am GMT) after the site suffered a massive denial-of-service (DoS) attack. EveryDNS.net said in a post on its site that it had done so because the DoS contravened acceptable use policy.

Wikileaks.org image

The web address www.wikileaks.org returns a blank page. Screenshot: Shannon Doubleday/ZDNet UK

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