Will Apple and Google kill any buzz created by Windows Phone 8 this week?

Samsung showed off the ATIV S last week and Nokia revealed the Lumia 920 and 820 today. However, with no details on WP8 and a likely launch in late October/early November it seems Apple wins again.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer
Will Apple and Google kill any buzz created by Windows Phone 8 this week?

Regular readers know I am a fan of Windows Phone and have hopes that it will become a serious contender in the mobile space. Today, Nokia revealed the Lumia 920 and 820 hardware, but Microsoft is holding back details on Windows Phone 8 until the release that is likely not coming until late October or early November. Next week Apple will reveal the new iPhone with preorders likely starting that day and shipping within a week. With Microsoft struggling to gain marketshare for Windows Phone will coming a month after the new iPhone kill the buzz generated this week or are there enough people interested in seeing more about WP8 that waiting is OK?

The new Samsung ATIV S is not exciting to me at all and looks to be just another Samsung phone that happens to run Windows Phone 8. The two new Lumia devices look quite nice with innovations in camera technology, display technology, and integration of wireless charging. The colors are also a nice touch because even if a consumer doesn't buy the flashy yellow or read they may come into the store because of it and end up buying a gray or black one. My current plan is to buy a Lumia 920 as soon as they are released, but that is also because I am a bit bored with iOS. If Apple can show me something unique in the next iPhone then I may buy one in September. This is the problem for Microsoft, announcing now with no details and releasing after the Apple iPhone announcement.

There is currently only one phone officially available that runs Android Jelly Bean, the Galaxy Nexus, but consumers are not that aware of the Nexus brand. However, it is likely that Google will soon announce a new Nexus launching with Jelly Bean while Samsung, Motorola, and HTC may also announce Android Jelly Bean devices prior to the release of Windows Phone 8. Android is killing it in the mobile space at the moment and release of Jelly Bean devices prior to Windows Phone 8 may kill off WP8 sales before they even occur.

Microsoft needs to do something big to gain mind and marketshare for Windows Phone 8 and launching after the iPhone, and maybe after Jelly Bean devices, is not a good start.

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