Will Apple hold Friday's iPhone 4 press conference the right way?

Apple sent out some invites to the press for an iPhone 4 press conference to be held this Friday. What do you think Apple will say about the issues surrounding the iPhone 4?
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

Apple just sent out invites to the press for a press conference to be held on Friday concerning the iPhone 4. It is believed that Apple will publicly address all the issues surrounding their latest product, primarily the antenna issue. This is something I think Apple needed to do since the talk about the iPhone 4 and various issues is out of control and needs to be addressed directly by Apple.

While the antenna issue is the primary one that has received attention, there are several other issues that people like Jason have been experiencing. I doubt Apple will admit any fault of their own and you can pretty much count on there not being an iPhone 4 recall. Apple may give out bumpers to those who call a special number or contact an Apple store directly. I honestly don't know what Apple should do and never purchased one myself so I can't say what I personally would want them to say either. I know if my phone had easily repeatable signal issues I would have to look for another device to fill my smartphone needs.

What do you think Apple will do on Friday?

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