Will ban of Samsung Galaxy S II due to Apple lead to more Galaxy S III sales?

The Galaxy S III was released after the legal filings by Apple and appears to be safe at the moment while Apple tries to get the GSII pulled from store shelves. The GSII is still popular due to its low price and compelling experience.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

The Galaxy S II is still a very popular device with the carriers due to its relatively low price and advanced Android feature set. As a result of the Apple vs Samsung judgement, Apple is attempting to get these models and more banned from US store shelves. If the GSII is pulled from stores, I wonder if this will lead to more sales of the GSIII and end up working out better for Samsung to get their new device into the hands of smartphone buyers.

I always recommend that consumers buy the best smartphone they can and stop worrying about saving $100 to $200 up front since this is a miniscule one-time fee you have to pay while you live with the selected smartphone for two full years. I just do not understand why consumers in the US think paying $50 to $100 for a worse phone is better than going all out for the best at the time of your purchase. However, we see it time and again that people would rather pay $99 for a decent device rather than $299 for an outstanding one. The GSIII sells for $199 on most carriers while the GSII is still available for $10 to $149.

The Galaxy S III comes with Ice Cream Sandwich, but even then it still functions much like the GSII. I am not sure if Apple can go after this device since it wasn't detailed in the lawsuit or if it will be the subject of another lawsuit, but if you are interested in Android then this is definitely the device to consider.

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