Will Google Instant distract users from ads? Has Google shot itself in the foot?

Google says search is now quicker than typing a search term. That also means less time exposing users to advertising...
Written by Tom Foremski, Contributor
Google Instant offers users a dynamic page that changes as people type letters. It forces the user to look at the suggested search phrases and also the results found. At the Google launch, the company showed eye tracker data that showed that users were only focused on the search box and the area immediately below it. There was no action to the right of the page where Google's text ads are shown. Has Google shot itself in the foot with this upgrade to its search services? About two-thirds of Google's revenues and the majority of its profits come from the Adwords text links shown on its site. Less than one third of revenues comes from Adsense ads, these are shown on third party web sites. Google estimates that users worldwide are saving 11 hours per second through using the "Instant" version of its search service. That means there is 11 hours every second that is not being spent looking at search ads. Will this affect Google's advertising business? It sure looks that way. - - - Please see:

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