Will HTC make the rumored Verizon Android tablet?

It sounds like a Verizon Android tablet may be under development, but since Google doesn't actually make Android hardware someone is going to have to manufacture the device. I think HTC is the most likely candidate for this tablet, don't you?
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

As Andrew wrote yesterday the Verizon CEO stated they are working with Google on an Android tablet device. We all know that Google doesn't actually make any hardware though so the first question that popped into my mind after hearing this news was, "Who is going to make this Google Verizon tablet?" Currently Google Android devices in the US are made by Motorola, HTC, and Samsung. It seems pretty clear to me that HTC is the most likely candidate for actually making such a tablet.

There were rumors of an HTC Android tablet at CES 2010, but we never saw a device actually appear. HTC also made the HTC Shift Windows Vista/Windows Mobile device a couple of years ago so they do have experience creating devices with various form factors. I enjoy using my Apple iPad, but would be open to trying out an HTC Google Android tablet. There are now over 50,000 applications in the Android Market so I really don't think the number and quality of applications is something to be too concerned about. Android is a decent multi-tasking operating system and I am finding that this is something needed on a tablet form factor device.

With this latest news, we could actually see Apple, Google Android, and webOS tablet devices available to choose from this holiday season and the tablet space could soon get very interesting.

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