Windows 10 and MacOS: Here are the six apps I install first

Here are the six apps I install first, whether I'm setting up a Windows 10 PC or a Mac.

Whether you have a Windows 10 or macOS, these are six apps you must install

Following on from my "iOS or Android: Here are the five apps I install first" piece, I noticed that there a similar theme when I'm setting up a new Windows 10 PC or Mac system (again, something that I do regularly) -- there's a handful of apps that I install before doing anything else.

And again, they are identical on both Windows 10 and MacOS.

Spooky, eh?

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#1: Google Chrome

Web browser


Yes, it's still my daily driver browser despite my dabbling with Firefox. While the first apps that I fire up on Windows 10 and MacOS are Edge and Safari respectively, I do that in order to download and install Google Chrome.

I like Chrome for a number of reasons which mostly come down to me using the Google ecosystem a lot for work and also the fact that Chrome gives me a consistent and incredibly integrated experience no matter what platform I'm using.

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#2: Parallels Toolbox

Suite of utilities

Parallels Toolbox

This is a single app that features over two dozen different utilities that help me get work done -- from taking screenshots to making animated GIFs to resizing images to working with compressed files.

It's great because it puts all these utilities into a single place, and the experience is very consistent on both Windows and MacOS.

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#3: LastPass

Password manager


Setting up a new device means entering passwords, and rather than rely on autofill in Google Chrome or the Apple Keychain, I have a separate password manager. I've gone with LastPass because this it is packed with features -- especially security features that allow me to lock down my LastPass account -- and it works on a whole raft of devices.

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#4: Authy

2FA app


Where possible, I like to have two-factor authentication protecting my online accounts, and where hardware 2FA isn't possible, then an authenticator app is a good alternative.

While many password managers have authenticator apps built in, I went for Authy because it means I keep my passwords separate, and also get an app that works on pretty much any platform you can think of.

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#5: VLC

Media player


Again, it's one app that works on both Windows and MacOS and gives me a consistent user experience whether I'm using a PC or a Mac.

I've been using this for years and enjoy the fact that it can adjust to my needs, it's simple when I just want to click on something and get it to work, and it has advanced features when I need them.

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#6: F-Secure Freedome


F-Secure Freedome

I've been using this VPN service for years, and while I've tried others, I keep coming back to it because it's easy to use, no-fuss, just works, and the app is one of the best I've used.

It's weird how Freedom feels the same no matter what platform I'm using it on… I just click and start surfing.

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