Windows 10: Big update plus Microsoft tests 'staggered' release on Insiders

Microsoft will soon start targeting updates to different devices in its Windows Insiders program.
Written by Liam Tung, Contributing Writer

The new Windows 10 update process that Microsoft is testing means updates become available to various groups in stages.

Image: Microsoft

Microsoft yesterday released a huge non-security update for Windows 10 systems and announced a new update framework it's testing out on Windows Insiders.

According to Microsoft, the big KB4022716 update brings quality improvements in the form of bug fixes for issues ranging from printing to logins but no new operating system features.

The new update framework for Windows Insiders is being trialed ahead of the forthcoming Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, which is expected to arrive for all users around September and will be coming to Windows Insiders in the "coming weeks".

The new update process targets Insiders in the "slow ring" and means the updates become available to different groups in stages. This process is similar to how Microsoft releases major Windows updates to general users, allowing it to iron out device-specific bugs before releasing the update.

Microsoft has historically made the updates available to all insiders at once, but the portion of Microsoft's 10 million Insiders on its slow ring track may expect to receive more stable updates than those in the bleeding edge "fast ring".

"We are testing a new update targeting framework and will be delivering the build in staggered phases. This will simulate the rollout process we use when we release major Windows 10 feature updates to retail customers," said Dona Sarkar, software engineer for Microsoft's Windows and Devices Group.

When the Fall Creators Update does arrive for Insiders, slow-ring participants will still have an option to grab the update immediately, or they can wait for Microsoft to target their devices, according to Sarkar.

"We know this is different from our usual "everyone at once" model to the WIP rings, however this testing will provide invaluable insights to ensure this new targeting framework is functioning as expected," she said.

Sarkar also noted that yesterday's monster non-security update, known as build 15063.447 or KB4022716, is available to slow-ring insiders to keep them up to date with the Windows 10 Creators Update fixes.

That update was made available yesterday to all users on the Creators Update, while a separate build 14393.1378 is available for those still on the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

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