Windows 10 Microsoft PowerToys reboot brings you these four new apps

PowerToys gains a new utility for bulk-renaming files and more improvements to the FancyZones layout tool.
Written by Liam Tung, Contributing Writer

The developers of the open-source Microsoft PowerToys tool for Windows 10 have released a new update with four new utilities and multi-monitor support for the FancyZone layout utility.

PowerToys version 0.16 has been released on GitHub and brings the latest improvements to the Windows 10 version of the Windows 95-era power-user tool that Microsoft released last year.

The rebooted PowerToys was released with just FancyZones and Shortcut Guide utilities. This release brings four new utilities, including PowerRename, File Explorer preview panes for Markdown (.md) files and SVG files, Image Resizer, and Window Walker. 

FancyZones, the windows manager for creating customized windows layouts, now has multi-monitor support so users can switch zones between monitors. Previous updates have focused on boosting compatibility with applications.  

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PowerRename is an advanced bulk renaming utility that allows users to search and replace the names of files.  

Preview Panes offer a read-only preview of the file's contents. It's a feature of File Explorer and can be enabled by clicking the View tab in the ribbon and then clicking 'Preview Pane'.

Window Walker is a text-based alternative to using Alt-Tab to switch between open windows. Just like Alt-Tab, the up and down arrows on the keyboard offer a preview of open windows. This app will eventually be rolled into the Launcher project, which will act as a replacement for the Win+R key combination to launch an app.   

The developers of PowerToys say they're working on a feature for the app to automatically update. The feature should arrive in version 0.17. 

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Just like last month's update, the latest release fixes 100 issues. 

Eventually, the developers of PowerToys want to make the app available for download from the Microsoft Store. They're targeting September for the version 1.0 release of PowerToys. 

The new release brings four new utilities, including PowerRename.  

Image: PowerToys project
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