Windows 10 on Arm: HP's leak hints that new Snapdragon laptops nearing release

Listing on HP's support page suggests it could soon announce its first Snapdragon-powered Windows 10 laptop.
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Ahead of the expected launch of several Arm-based Windows 10 laptops, HP has let slip details of its Snapdragon 835 laptop on the HP Care Pack Central page.

The page, which can now only be viewed as a cached page on Web Archive, listed a pair of 12-inch display laptops under the product code 2US29AV, which mentions SD835 -- a likely reference to the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor -- 4GB RAM, 128GB Universal Flash Storage (UFS) storage. As MSPoweruser notes, the second device features 8GB RAM and 256GB UFS storage.

Microsoft and Qualcomm announced in May that Snapdragon 835 Windows 10 laptops are in the works from Asus, HP, and Lenovo. The laptops will include the gigabit speed X16 LTE modem.

Microsoft last year was working on enabling x86 emulation on Arm processors in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, allowing Arm devices to run x86 apps.

The company's execs have previously said Windows 10 on Snapdragon SoCs would be available in six-, 10-, and 14-inch devices.

Microsoft and Qualcomm recently said they were talking with mobile operators about network and sales arrangements and working on final testing. Presumably, they and OEMs are aiming to launch the devices ahead of the Christmas period.

Besides always-on connectivity, Microsoft promises that the Arm-based Windows 10 laptops will have excellent battery life.


HP has leaked a few details about its forthcoming ARM-based Windows 10 laptop.

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