Windows 10 parade: Alcatel shows off new Pixi 8in tablet - plus kids' GPS tracker watch

Alcatel One Touch has unveiled a new Windows 10 tablet and a kind of smartwatch for kids that can make calls and offers parents a GPS tracker.
Written by Liam Tung, Contributing Writer

The new Windows 10 Pixi 3 tablet ships with a Qualcomm LTE chipset, features voice-call enablement, and has both front and rear cameras.

Image: Alcatel OneTouch

Alcatel has taken the wraps of its new Windows 10 Mobile eight-inch Pixi 3 tablet and its new CareTime children's watch, aimed at parents who want to keep a track of their kids' whereabouts.

Alcatel OneTouch has mostly focused on Android but, through some of its Pixi 3 family of devices, it's offered consumers the choice to run Android, Windows or Mozilla's Firefox OS.

The company's latest Pixi 3 device, an eight-inch tablet that it's showing off at CES this week, solely runs Windows 10 Mobile and probably takes advantage of Microsoft's zero-charge licensing for devices under nine inches.

Details about the new tablet are light, but Alcatel has revealed it ships with a Qualcomm LTE chipset, features voice-call enablement, and has both front and rear cameras.

Alcatel opted for the same dual-camera setup for its eight-inch Pixel 3 Android KitKat tablet, which featured a two-megapixel (MP) rear camera and 0.3MP front camera. The Windows 10 tablet also has GPS and can act as a TV remote control, while customisation options include skins in various shades and different flip-stand covers.

The company has also introduced a new Pixi 4 family of devices, including 3.5-inch and four-inch smartphones, a six-inch phablet and a seven-inch tablet. Alcatel doesn't mention whether it's sticking to last year's formula of supporting both Android and Windows. However, the images it has released only feature Android.

It also doesn't reveal any specifications for the devices, only saying that they'll be "premium entry level", with quality design, audio, camera and battery life. Last year's Pixi 3 3.5-inch variant was a 3G-only handset while the larger phones were LTE.

Finally, Alcatel has released the CareTime children's watch, which offers parents a colourful wearable for kids that supports limited calling and GPS tracking.

The watch has a 2G radio, which allows parents to call their kids or send voice messages. Kids can return a call to a pre-set list of 10 contacts or five registered numbers.

A companion iOS or Android app is installed on a parent's smartphone, which allows them to view the device's location on a map and receive notifications when the device enters or leaves a "determined safe zone". According to Alcatel, the CareTime cloud service uses a blend of GPS, GSM and Wi-Fi to locate children within 60 seconds.

The watch is IPS5 rated against dust and low-pressure water jets, while the battery has a standby time of up to four days.

Depending on the price of the device, which Alcatel has yet to reveal, it could offer a cheap and possibly more manageable alternative to a smartphone. The watch will be available in Europe and Latin America in April.


Alcatel's CareTime children's watch offers limited calling and GPS tracking.

Image: Alcatel OneTouch
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