Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 'Apollo' OS convergence, Tango1 and Tango2, and more

Is Windows and Windows Phone OS going to converge to form one all-encompassing OS? With Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, code name "Apollo," it may just happen.
Written by Stephen Chapman, Contributor
While little is officially known about Windows Phone 8, code named "Apollo," there's no shortage of unofficial (but no less credible) information across the various corners of the Web and right here on ZDNet via our very own Mary-Jo Foley. Well, to add to the growing mound of unofficial information, I have an offering comprised of a few tidbits that not only continue to validate “Apollo,” but also lend a bit more insight into it. To start, here is a quoted section from the résumé of a former Program Manager from the Windows Phone/Mobile Communications Products Group at Microsoft:
The responsibilities included program managing software update features to provide device update technology that enables end-users to update Windows Phone OS with a new set of phone features including bug fixes. In this role, I delivered a set of functional requirements specifications for the major update components to enable image updates for the next generation Windows Phone OS (aka Apollo). They are Packaging System, Imaging System, Flashing System, Update OS, Update Validator and Update Application. Also drove and tracked early investigations for the Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 OS convergence to create Mobile SKUs.
[Click here for a screen shot] Imagine: instead of having separate operating systems for desktop/laptop/tablet and Windows phones, you would have one Windows OS containing SKUs for every Windows- and Windows Phone-capable device. Is that the message to be gleaned from "Windows 8 and Windows phone OS convergence," or does Microsoft have some other type of "convergence" in mind? Since the announcement of Windows 8 running on ARM, there has been wide speculation about the OS running on mobile phones in the future. With that in mind, a "Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 OS convergence," as posited above, sounds like an eventuality rather than speculation. What do you think? Of all the Windows 8 predictions and expectations abounding prior to BUILD, Paul Thurrott tweeted a rather interesting one that may see some alignment with the aforementioned résumé quote:
Up next, here is a very brief-though-affirming quote from the résumé of HTC's Senior Product Planner that shows HTC as being active in "Apollo" planning, themselves:
Owned the advanced planning relationship with Microsoft; drove Microsoft “Apollo” product planning discussion and led HTC cross-division feedback Identified high potential partners and technologies; initiated/participated in new partnership discussions; ensured the relevant technology integrations and strategic alignment Restructured communication channel between the planning and field communication team; greatly increased the sell-in material accuracy and increased the overall update rate by 50+% Spearheaded the 2012 Windows mobile phone product roadmap
[Click here for a screen shot] Following that mention, here is a reference to "Apollo" in a job ad currently up on Microsoft's Careers Web site. Additionally, because this comes from a job ad on Microsoft's very own Careers Web site, this job ad gives us our first official mention of "Tango1" and "Tango2" (as opposed to just "Tango"):
Launch readiness for account within region of responsibility (e.g. Mango, Tango1, Tango2, Apollo, etc.)
[Click here for a screen shot] Lastly, here's a nice little morsel from the résumé of an individual who spent the past 4-5 months interning on the Windows Phone team:
Design and development of new features for Windows Phone-8. Implemented the ‘Voice-Compose’ (STT) and the ‘Read-Aloud’ (TTS) features for native email-clients.
[Click here for a screen shot] So, all-in-all, while nothing above sets anything in stone for Windows Phone 8, what we're able to glean from these résumés and job ads is a story of significant change ahead for Windows. The details of how, exactly, "Apollo" will differentiate itself from -- yet potentially converge with -- Windows 8 is a bit fuzzy, but at least we landed a bit of "official" confirmation of "Tango1" and "Tango2" from a Microsoft Careers job ad. Make sure you check out this article of Mary-Jo Foley's where she explains the differences between the two. Will Microsoft be shedding any light on "Tango1," "Tango2," and/or "Apollo" at BUILD this week? I'm not holding my breath, personally. Either way, we're just one short day away from Microsoft spilling the beans with Windows 8, so stay tuned! -Stephen Chapman
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