Windows 8 necessities: Fast startup, tablet support and 'Aero 2.0'

Two features you need and one you want dominated last week's poll. But as Windows 8 is built on previous operating systems, what about the problem of 'Windows rot'?
Written by Zack Whittaker, Contributor

From the poll taken last week, it seems you want and need three crucial things in the upcoming next-generation operating system, Windows 8.

You can find the full results of the poll back on the original post, but three things shone out above the rest: fast startup times and tablet support; and a want rather than a need, a new user interface aesthetic dubbed 'Aero 2.0'.


This was particularly interesting as it seemed more people were interested in the consumer feature-focused side of Windows 8, rather than the enterprise, security or additional functionality like an application store or networking diagnostics.

It was noted in the comments section that some were ready and waiting for the need to re-install the operating system, and to reinstate files and applications as a crucial function needed for Windows 8 users.

'Windows rot' is the build-up of unnecessary files, registry entries and other clutter that is generated on the operating system over time, and ultimately slows down the computer. Some believe it is merely a myth, whereas I personally am fully aware of the slow-down process Windows users suffer after six months of running.

If Windows rot does in fact exist, and exists in all versions of the operating system, who is to say that Windows 8 will be immune? It won't, as it is built upon from prior versions; thus the same problems will all but inevitably exist.

If we are to see a simple wipe-and-restore slash 'system recovery' feature, where one can wipe the slate clean and reinstall your applications from the application store -- linked in with cloud based user profiles with files and folders synchronised from the cloud, this could offer reprieve for those who reinstall every six months or so.


Regarding tablet support, there is already no doubt that Microsoft is working on making Windows 8 not only compatible but also to run well and efficiently on tablet devices, aimed at rivalling the work of Apple in the dominant iPad marketshare.

With a Windows application store heading to the likes of Windows 8, and perhaps even earlier versions of Windows, tablets running Windows 8 will also need to run Windows Phone 7 applications, along with regular but albeit slimmed down desktop programs.

With the BlackBerry PlayBook having cross-OS support by bringing Android applications to the long-awaited iPad competitor, the tablet segment for Windows 8 is wanted by users - according to the poll - but seem unlikely to take off.

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