Windows Hello: This bank wants you to log into your account with your face or fingerprint

Online banking customers will be able to log on with face or fingerprint using Windows Hello.
Written by Steve Ranger, Global News Director

Lloyds Banking Group is to test Microsoft's Windows Hello biometric authentication with customers accessing their Lloyds, Halifax, and Bank of Scotland online accounts.

The banking group said it will run a pilot in the second half of the year to test Windows Hello with Windows 10 users accessing their bank accounts online, giving them the option of logging in to their accounts using their face or fingerprint, instead of typing in their passwords.

Lloyds said it is the first banking group in the UK to test out the feature.

Customers reluctant to use their face or fingerprints can still use their online banking passwords instead. The trial results will be analysed before a full launch is considered, the banking group said.

Microsoft said the technology will offer online banking customers "a more seamless and frictionless experience without compromising security".

By using a face, fingerprint, or iris, Windows Hello logs users into their Windows devices in less than two seconds -- three times faster than a password, according to Microsoft.

Windows Hello takes the data from the face, iris sensor, or fingerprint reader and creates a data representation that is stored on the device. "Windows never stores pictures or images of your face, iris, or fingerprint on your device or anywhere else," Microsoft said.

Lloyds Banking Group has 12 million active internet users and over eight million using mobile.

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