Windows Phone 7 could pose a threat to Android (report)

Android is the undeniable leader in the domestic smartphone market share as of late, but that could change as consumers become more aware of other mobile platforms besides those of Google and Apple.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

Android has consistently been at the top of the U.S. smartphone market share for months now, but a new report suggests Windows Phone 7 could be a bigger threat than we would expect.

According to a new report from Connected Intelligence, a service of the research firm NPD Group, found that Android generates more interest than any other OS with 63 percent of the responses and it was labeled as the platform that consumers are "most interested in" with 36 percent.

Last month, the NPD Group suggested that Android's momentum is so strong right now that it could even boost Motorola Mobility if the bid by Google is approved.

However, there is room for other operating systems -- most notably Windows Phone 7. The problem for WP7 is that 45 percent of consumers are still not aware of it. Additionally, 44 percent of smartphone owners, and those who intend to buy one, said that they are at least considering to purchase a Windows Phone 7 device.

Linda Barrabee, a research director for Connected Intelligence explained in a statement that although the Android "juggernaut" continues, it is still facing strong competition from Apple's iOS and even Windows Phone 7.

Windows Phone 7 has a way to go before consumers really understand what it is. But with the right marketing mojo, apps portfolio, and feature-rich hardware, Microsoft could certainly improve its standing and chip away at Android's dominant market position.

Over the last few months, Microsoft has flailed a little bit in the U.S. smartphone market, dropping from 7.5 percent of the U.S. smartphone market share in March to 5.8 percent in June, according to a report from comScore in August.

Of course, this interest will shift undoubtedly, either in favor or against Microsoft, once Windows Phone 7 with the awaited Mango update and then Windows Phone 8 roll out.


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