Windows Phone 7 Marketplace and Android Market take off

The Windows Phone 7 Marketplace is taking off with a total app count around 5,000 just about 2 months since the devices were rolled out. The Android Market is also taking off.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

Last week I posted about the obvious success of the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace and now I see the Bing Visual Search page is limiting the view of apps to a maximum of 3,000 for some reason. According to the Marketplace Browser, there are over 5,138 apps for Windows Phone 7. And according to AndroLib.com there are now over 200,000 Android apps in the Android Market.

Windows Phone 7

The Windows Phone 7 Marketplace is growing faster than any other app store has to date and it looks like the major Microsoft developer initiative is paying off. I know that my SIM has been living in my T-Mobile HD7 and I am liking the device more every single day thanks in large part to the available applications. Wednesdays are Windows Live days and today we saw the release of the Revolution and Rise of Glory games for just $2.99 each. I played the trial of both and subsequently purchased both. Revolution is a cool gears puzzle game that I found instantly addicting and Rise of Glory is a fun flight simulator/dogfighting aerial combat game, both very high quality.

I also found that the popular ShopSavvy application that was one of the first I installed on my Android devices is now available in the WP7 Marketplace. One of the weaknesses of Windows Phone 7's Zune integration is the lack of podcast support from the handset so I was very pleased to find the Podcasts! app that lets you search, add favorites, and stream podcasts. Offline caching of podcasts would be a wonderful addition to make my HD7 even more useful. I think we will hear much more from Microsoft and developers next week at CES and am getting more and more impressed with Windows Phone 7.

What are your favorite Windows Phone 7 apps and what else should I try out?


It seems like we have been talking about Android as having 100,000+ apps for quite some time, as compared to the 300,000+ iOS apps. We now hear from some sources (Google hasn't made an official statement yet) that there are about 200,000 Android apps. I know I discover more each day on my Samsung Galaxy Tab, thousands of which are available for free.

What are your favorite Android apps?

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