Windows Phone Marketplace fastest to hit 10,000 app milestone

The Windows Phone 7 Marketplace just passed 10,000 apps and is continuing on an accelerated pace. They beat iOS, RIM, and Android to this level too.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

You may have seen my Windows Phone Wednesday articles and in my last one I was expecting the Marketplace to hit 10,000 apps some time around my next week's article. It seems that developers were especially aggressive this week though and according to the Marketplace Browser website we are now at 10,037 apps for Windows Phone 7. This just happens to have been the fastest platform to 10,000 apps. webOS is still only about half way to this milestone and it has been out since mid-2009.

According to data Pocketnow referenced, it took Apple 4.7 months to reach this level and Android 11 months. BlackBerry App World launch in April 2009 and has about 20,000 apps. I am not a huge fan of just counting up apps as a way to decide who wins, but with such huge selections the chances that the apps you like are available is much greater.

There are junky apps on every platform and if you want you can throw out all kinds of themes, ebooks, etc. that shouldn't really count as apps. However, it is important to check the trends and if Windows Phone Marketplace continues at this pace then things will be good for users. The quality of Xbox LIVE games on Windows Phone 7 is fantastic, as are hundreds of others that take advantage of the slick Metro UI. For example, take a look at Kevin Tofel's thoughts on Runkeeper for WP7 to see why he likes it better than his iPhone version.

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