Windows Phone Wednesday: Angry Birds takes flight on WP7

We knew it was coming for some time and it is finally here. Angry Birds is available on Windows Phone 7 as an Xbox LIVE game where you can even earn achievements.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

Thanks to this wonderful ZDNet writing gig I have the opportunity to use a Windows Phone Mango device and can't hardly put it down. I had to make sure post a Windows Phone Wednesday article this week because Angry Birds just landed for Windows Phone 7 and I immediately purchased it for $2.99.

Gameplay looks to be just as smooth as on the iPhone and better than Android since there are no ads. It looks great on the Samsung Focus OLED display. It really cool that I can now earn achievements for my Angry Birds play, which gives me more motivation to play it on Windows Phone. I hope we see Angry Birds Seasons and other variants eventually come to Windows Phone too now that Rovio has one app on the platform.

The Deal of the Week this week is a game I have not tried and doubt I will pick up since it doesn't really appeal to me. Women's Murder Club is on sale this week for $1.99, which is $1 off the normal $2.99 price. WPCentral has a review of this game so you can check it out before buying and remember you can always try out these Xbox LIVE titles yourself too. I was stupid not to pick up Bejeweled last week for $2.99 and it is now back up to $4.99.

WP7 application tracking sites have the number of apps currently just over 20,127 apps. The Marketplace Browser site has the number over 23,199, but I understand that the WP7 App Explorer site removes apps from the count when they are taken off the Marketplace so that is likely a more accurate count.

My Dell Venue Pro and HTC HD7 sit in a drawer while I continue to use Mango on the Samsung Focus and honestly they might just stay there until they too get the Mango update. Mango is awesome on Windows Phone and I don't think I can go back.

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