Windows Phone Wednesday: Collapse! is new and Zombies Attack! 2 is cheap

Microsoft continues to roll out some great games and I can't stop dropping $2 to $5 each week on these games, can you?
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

I am back to using my Dell Venue Pro with RTM Mango on it as my primary device (I can't give up that OLED display and handy QWERTY keyboard) and am playing more and more Xbox LIVE games than ever on my daily commute. This week we have another new Xbox LIVE compatible game and another Deal of the Week, plus I found a couple more favorites and am spending money and loading up my devices with more games than I ever planned on.

I download the trial of most new games and after testing out Tentacles I bought it and can't put it down. The graphics are excellent and the gameplay is one of the most unique I have ever seen. It is rated very high (nearly 5 stars) and after playing it I can definitely see why. I am also enjoying the game released last week, Gravity Guy and think this may be added to my collection soon too.

The new game this week is Collapse! and as you can see it is a color matching puzzler available now for $2.99. There are a variety of game modes; Classic, Strategy, Puzzle, Relapse, and Panic Attack with new customizable characters too. I'll download and try it out soon.

The Xbox LIVE Deal of the Week is a tower defense game and now that Star Wars: Battle for Hoth has been taken out of the Marketplace I just bought Zombies Attack! 2 for just $1.99. There are new upgrades to weapons and defenses, new maps and challenges, and more to enjoy with this game.

Next week, Microsoft plans to release Implode! for $2.99 in the Games Marketplace.

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