Windows XP: Service Pack 1

Microsoft has released details about its forthcoming service pack for Windows XP, and the free download will apparently show the first signs of the company's antitrust settlement with the Justice Department. Here’s a preview.
Written by Jim Aspinwall, Contributor
Every operating system has glitches, and the key to an OS's success is how quickly they are discovered and fixed. So far, Microsoft has released approximately 30 critical and recommended updates for XP, including 9 patches covering security problems.

The forthcoming Service Pack 1 is expected to include many fixes already distributed via Windows Update.
Of course, all that constant tweaking can be a pain. Perhaps you're wondering if your OS just isn't ready for prime time. If you're holding out for a second edition of XP, dig in for a few more months. Microsoft plans to release its first service pack in the second half of this year. The company won't tell us exactly what Service Pack 1 will include, but we expect it to have many of the updates you can already get via Windows Update, such as USB 2.0 and Bluetooth support. Microsoft belatedly released USB 2.0 drivers for Windows XP in February, and recently announced that it will include both Bluetooth support and support for a line of Bluetooth peripherals, such as keyboards and mice, in the service pack. Microsoft also announced that, in addition to the usual fixes, this service pack will include support for new smart displays such as Mira, new tablet-style PCs, and Freestyle digital-media devices for consumers.
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