Winners and Losers in Business Open-Source Software

OpenLogic has released its annual report on what's hot and what's not in business open-source programs.
Written by Steven Vaughan-Nichols, Senior Contributing Editor

The cloud is growing in popularity and so are open-source programs that support cloud-computing.

The cloud is growing in popularity and so are open-source programs that support cloud-computing.

We all know that Linux, Apache and Samba are vital for business data center servers, Web servers and file and print servers respectively in businesses both large and small. What you may not know though what's trending below the top-tier of open-source software. That's where OpenLogic, an enterprise open-source software provider and consultants comes in. In their recent study 2011 Open Source Adoption Trending Report, OpenLogic looks at the winners and losers in open-source software adoption.

According to the company's analysis, the fastest growing open-source projects from 2010 to 2011 in terms of business adoption were:

1. Hbase, Apache's distributed,column-oriented database system built on top of Hadoop for Big Data.

2. Node.js, a platform, which is based on Google Chrome's V8 JavaScript Engine for writing highly scalable JavaScript Internet applications.

3. NGINX, a high concurrency, low memory usage Web Server and reverse proxy that recently surpassed Microsoft's Internet Information Server to become the second most popular Web server in the world .

4. Hadoop, an Apache framework for distributed processing of large data sets across clusters of computers and on clouds, which has just achieved 1.0 status.

5. Rails, the popular, highly-scalable Web application framework.

OpenLogic also evaluated each category and categorized projects as trending up, trending level, or "trending down in three business application categories.

Application Server/Web Server:

  • Trending Up: Node.js and NGINX
  • Trending Level: Tomcat and Apache HTTP Server
  • Trending Down: JBoss and GlassFish


  • Trending Up: Rails
  • Trending Level: Spring, Grails, Struts
  • Trending down: (none)

Databases and Big Data:

  • Trending Up: HBase, Hadoop, MongoDB
  • Trending Level: MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Trending Down: CouchDB

The data for this analysis came from public data from Google, aggregated data from OpenLogic's OpenLogic Exchange (OLEX) a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for governance and provisioning of open source software and its customer base of over 250 worldwide enterprises.

In a statement, Kim Weins, OpenLogic's senior VP of marketing, said, "OpenLogic has a 360 degree view of how open source is being deployed in the enterprise and in the cloud. The projects that allow organizations to efficiently scale their operations and manage Big Data are by far outpacing the growth of other open source projects. We expect to see many of these up and coming projects continue to challenge the traditional open source leaders over the coming year."

OpenLogic's results fits into what I've been seeing. The cloud is becoming increasingly important to businesses and open-source projects, such as Hbase and Hadoop that support cloud-based computing, are, in turn, growing in popularity.

Cloud/San Diego seascape image by pranav, CC 2.0.

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