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A finnish technology company and a Singapore based system integrator join hands to launch Asia's first application portal for wireless.
Written by ZDNet Staff, Contributor

Wapit Ltd, a leader in building technologies for mobile applications and services with headquarters in Helsinki, Finland and Singapore-based W.R.A.P.-IT Ltd, a developer of systems integration solutions, today announce the launch of South East Asia’s first wireless application service portal called Wasp-IT.

Based in Singapore, the portal offers mobile subscribers an exciting array of mobile services. They can chat on their phones as they would on the Internet or create their own Internet-like mobile home pages. Wasp-IT services are available on WAP and SMS, giving access to all GSM subscribers in the region.

Wasp-IT will run using a customized mobile technology solution created by Wapit, built on Wapit’s modularised product portfolio. W.R.A.P.-IT will provide the hardware for the portal. Leveraging its expertise in the WAP application environment, W.R.A.P.-IT will also provide systems integration and technical support for Wasp-IT.

Wapit and W.R.A.P.-IT are working with major telecommunications companies to offer Wasp-IT services to corporate clients and to consumers in South East Asia.

To support Wasp-IT and its other customers in the Asia Pacific region, Wapit will open its regional headquarters in Singapore on the 1st December 2000.

“It was the visit from the Singapore Minister of Communication and Information Technology, Mr Yeo Cheow Tong, to Helsinki last year which set Wapit on the path to Singapore,” said Mr Richard Woodhead, Commercial Manager for Wapit Ltd in South East Asia.

Wapit currently supplies mobile technology solutions to Celcom in Malaysia and Globe in the Philippines, as well as to mobile operators in the Americas and Europe, and is expanding across the region with customers in Australasia and China.

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