Wireless Networking - Linksys WRT350N and Intel 4965AGN

Ok, this is driving me crazy. Why does this not work?
Written by J.A. Watson, Contributor

Ok, this is driving me crazy. Why does this not work?

I have a Linksys WRT350N Wireless-N router, and a laptop with an Intel 4965AGN Wireless Network Interface. When I am running Windows XP Professional on the laptop, it connects to the Linksys router just fine. When I am running Windows Vista Business, it won't connect. I assumed that this was just some sort of weird Vista bug, of course. But now I have found that it will also not connect when I am running Ubuntu, Mandriva or Fedora Linux. So what is going on? What is XP doing that the others are not?

Here are a few more details - it seems like the more I look into this, the less sense it makes:

- The router is set up as it should be for secure Wireless-N networking, with WPA2/PSK/AES

- The router is running the latest firmware from Linksys (2.00.19)

- The latest Intel drivers are loaded on both XP and Vista

- I also have a Netgear WNDR3300 Wireless-N router, and the laptop connects to that with no problem

- I also have another laptop, with an Atheros Wireless Adapter, and it connects to both the Linksys and Netgear routers with no problem

If anyone knows what is really going on, and more importantly how to fix it, I would be forever grateful.

jw 12/11/2008

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