With this sticky tire, bike in the snow

Dutch designer Cesar van Rongen has designed a bicycle tire that can handle the snow.
Written by Sarah Korones, Contributor

Snow tires aren’t just for cars anymore.

Starting soon, cyclists won’t have any trouble biking to work in winter weather – just as long as they don’t mind the cold.

Tired of his own slushy commute, Dutch designer Cesar van Rongen recently unveiled a prototype for special winter tires that can make it down icy streets without skidding out of control. Called Bike Spikes, the rubber casings can be popped on and off as needed and then easily folded into a compact package for future use.

According to van Rongen, the casings give bicycle tires extra traction and better grip when travelling through snow and ice. The “snow chain” can be spun onto a bike’s wheels and locked into place.

Although the concept is currently only in the prototype stage, van Rongen hopes to put Bike Spikes into production next year.

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