Withings Pulse adds heart rate monitor to life trackers, available now

Activity trackers and mobile health is a growing area and Withings is known for their solid products. Their new Pulse portable life tracker is available now and adds a unique heart rate monitor.

Withings Pulse adds heart rate tracking to life trackers, available now
Image: Withings

I am a major fan of lifestyle activity trackers and think they provide just enough of a reminder with some motivation to improve your health. Withings' new Pulse is now available for $99.95 and brings much of what you find in the Fitbit or UP, but with the addition of an integrated heart rate monitor and some additional intelligence.

My current preference is for the Jawbone UP , primarily due to the wrist band form factor and the support for 3rd party services that extend its functionality. Withings also has an extensive ecosystem with their products, including over 100 app partners.

I am interested in the Withings Pulse and may have to pick one up to test out. It looks to have much of what I have in my Fitbit One with an altimeter that does help motivate me to take the stairs more often. An altimeter is missing in my Jawbone UP. The Withings Pulse also provides more real-time data while running, but still cannot compare to a full GPS fitness watch. THe two week battery life is also about double what most other trackers provide.

My resting heart rate is a good measure of my fitness level and I do like that the Withings Pulse provides this functionality. It is also a good indicator of stress and this data is captured and then also synced to your iOS or Android device. Wireless Bluetooth syncing is supported by the Pulse to its Withings Health Mate application.

The activity tracker market is growing and it is great to see competitors launching new devices with unique functionality. Do any readers plan to pick up a Pulse?

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