Wolfram|Alpha tackles football stats in time for Tebow mania

Wolfram|Alpha brings its number-crunching-meets-search approach to the NFL.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Wolfram|Alpha never turned out to be that Google killer, but the search engine has a penchant for being useful whether it's research, homework help or something that'll occupy many folks' weekends---the National Football League.


Tim Tebow at work. Source: Denver Broncos

The search/knowledge engine works best for number crunching and data. Enter the Wolfram|Alpha's guide to pro football stats via sports research firm STATS. This stat fiesta is timed for the NFL playoffs this weekend and it's a nice publicity stunt as the U.S. goes nuts for Denver Broncos' quarterback Tim Tebow.

Wolfram|Alpha's broader message, however, is clear: We're very useful in presenting data. According to Wolfram|Alpha, its stat repository can turn up details in plain English via natural language search. The data is computed and can be downloaded as a PDF.

According to Wolfram|Alpha, its NFL data goes back to 1985. The company said it will also add baseball, basketball and other pro sports. Maybe Wolfram|Alpha won't be a Google killer, but it can easily become a go-to site when fantasy baseball season rolls around again.

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