Women in technology: Advice from Intel and Biogen

Two successful senior executives -- both former CIOs -- offer practical and helpful advice to companies, men, and women on improving gender diversity in technology.
Written by Michael Krigsman, Contributor
Women in technology Intel and Biogen leaders offer advice

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The role of women in technology has become a more visible issue. Recently, many women executives of the baby boomer generation have voiced concern about the decline in women entering STEM professions, and the ability for women to rise to senior executive and boardroom positions.

At the same time, large organizations such as Accenture and Salesforce, to name but two examples, have gone beyond the research phase to implement gender diversity programs that are making a real difference.

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As part of the CXOTALK series of conversations with the most innovative leaders in the world, I spoke with two executives who personify the role of successful women in technology.

  • Adriana Karaboutis is Executive Vice President Technology, Business Solutions & Corporate Affairs at Biogen. Previously, she was CIO of Dell and currently sits on the boards of Advance Auto Parts and Blue Cross Blue Shield MA.
  • Kim S. Stevenson is Chief Operating Officer for the Client, IoT and System Architecture Group at Intel. Previously, she was CIO of Intel. She is currently on the boards of Cloudera and Boston Private.

During our wide-ranging conversation, these leaders explain the value of diversity, how men can contribute in a positive way, and the importance for women to take control of their own career paths.

The video embedded above is taken from our lengthy conversation. You can watch the entire discussion and read a complete transcript on the CXOTALK site.

This post is part one of my discussion with Kim and Andi. In part two, these former CIOs talk about the Chief Information Officer role and how it relates to the broader business.

Please see the list of upcoming CXOTALK episodes. Thank you to my colleague, Lisbeth Shaw, for assistance with this post.

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