Workday Recruiting, financial enhancements generally available

Workday launches new recruiting tools that are baked into its human capital management platform. Meanwhile, Workday 22 adds key financial features.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Workday on Tuesday made its recruiting software generally available and launched Workday 22, which adds some key features to the company's financial package.

The news, unveiled at an event in San Francisco, gives Workday more features to pitch to enterprises. Leighanne Levensaler, Workday’s vice president of human capital management products, said the recruiting features were built native to the company's platform and integrated throughout. Workday Recruiting is likely to compete with Cornerstone OnDemand's Recruiting Cloud. 

So far, Workday has 70 customers for its recruiting package.

Using design thinking, an approach popularized at Stanford where various people discover natural touch points in a process and user experience potholes to fix, Workday built out its recruiting package. Previously, Workday integrated with multiple recruiting packages.

"We had to be compelling to expand the footprint into recruiting and invest," said Levensaler. Workday built the features by watching the work of recruiters and how managers go through the hiring process. "Hiring managers usually don't interact in the recruiting system, but it turns out recruiting is a team sport," she said.

Among the key points on Workday Recruiting:

  • There are social connections integrated throughout;
  • Mobile availability of staff metrics, analytics, and the talent pool;
  • Hiring collaboration;
  • Simplified job application process;
  • A view of the talent pipeline

Workday Recruiting is designed to work on mobile devices as a first option and be collaborative. For instance, hiring managers often don't know how many candidates there are for a job for relative comparisons. "We're designing for them (the managers) and the recruiters," said Levensaler.



Financial management updates in Workday 22

Workday 22 rounds out the company's financials product a decent bit. Overall, the company added 25 key features.



The features include:

  • A composite view of a customer tied into revenue management. A customer's contracts, invoices, payments, and reports are in one place. The click stream has also been simplified.
  • Companies with multiple divisions and units inside an enterprise can be treated as if they were independent entities. Technically, the feature is called multi-company within a legal entity.
  • Multi-company procurement cards for buying goods and services.
  • Analytics updates to run financial reports and burst them across multiple categories.
  • A new procurement dashboard and a new financial allocations engine.
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