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Working from home: The pets of ZDNet

It's time for something to break up the doom and gloom. With that, we present you with the Internet's most reliable smile-generator, our pets. Please say "hi" to some of the most beloved members of ZDNet's extended family.
Written by David Gewirtz, Senior Contributing Editor

Most of us are now six weeks into what seems to be an interminable lockdown. While many of us are among the lucky ones because we can work from home, we miss going outside, we miss our friends, and we worry about the future.

Within that miasma, there's one bright spot: our furkids. Rather than talk more about pandemic and COVID-19, I wanted to do something to cheer us all up. Nothing can induce us to smile more than a look at our furry (and feathery) friends. And so, without further ado, I present to you the pets of ZDNet, the little guys and girls that keep your favorite ZDNet editors company while we bring you our daily look at the tech world.

Pixel - David Gewirtz' little guy

It seems only fitting that we kick off our pets of ZDNet piece with my favorite little furbaby, Pixel. He's a six-year-old Yorkie-Poo (a Yorkie and Poodle mix). He's cuddly, fierce, fun, playful, and oh-so-willful. He gives us smiles and cuddles every day.

Pixel - David Gewirtz

Kimchi and Izakaya - Charlie Osborne's kitties

Charlie tells us, "Kimchi and Izakaya, named after my favorite food and in remembrance of time spent bar-hopping in Japan. They love hunting slow worms, not big fans of selfies."

Kimchi and Izakaya - Charlie Osborne

Boomer and Lilly - Larry Dignan's buddies

Larry shared with us some pictures of Boomer the dog and Lilly the tortoise.

Boomer and Lilly - Larry Dignan

Olive - Catalin Cimpanu's feathery friend

Catalin tells us, "Olive is currently one of eight rescue pigeons. She was taken in after some children cruelly broke her leg in a public park. Olive is unreleasable because she's super-friendly with humans and will constantly land on people's shoulders, looking for scritches and food. Makes for a great writing companion, though."

Olive - Catalin Cimpanu

Sorachi - Mary-Jo Foley's work buddy

Mary-Jo tells us, "Here are a couple shots of my work buddy. His name is Sorachi (yes, named after a hop used in brewing beer). He is five. I got him from a local NYC shelter when I moved into my new place three years ago. He's very rambunctious and has to be shut out during webcast/podcast recordings because he often steals the webcam and runs off with it. Or chews all my wires 😊 Hope you're all well!"

Sorachi - Mary-Jo Foley

Gumbo - Jason Perlow's poodle

Jason tells us that Gumbo is his 12-pound poodle, who clearly has the run of the fun.

Gumbo - Jason Perlow

Mr. Kitty - Adrian Kingsley-Hughes stealthy fuzz ball

Adrian tells us, "His fur is like the surface of a stealth bomber, so he's super hard to photograph... He ends up looking like a fuzz ball. But he looks awesome using the FLIR thermal camera on the Blackview BV9800 Pro. His favorite hobbies are napping, sleeping, destroying things, and sleeping more."

Mr. Kitty - Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

Emoji - Jason Cipriani's English bulldog

Jason tells us, "Here's Emoji. He's a 4-year-old English bulldog, who comes to work with me daily and snores under my desk all day long. Unless it's too cold, then he refuses to come out to my office and stays in his bed all day. "

Emoji - Jason Cipriani

Ava - Beth Mauder's kitty 

Beth says, "This is Ava, who is more affectionately known as Ma'am. After being found on the side of the road when she was a few weeks old, she's helped ease the transition between graduating college and moving states for work. She loves laying in boxes, killing spiders, basking in the sun with her belly in the air, and snuggling with her stuffed giraffe."

Ava - Beth Mauder

Angelica Mari's chickens and roosters

Angelica tells us, "I live in a countryside town in São Paulo, Brazil and I have a lot of chickens and roosters roaming around. Tending to their simple needs and being close to nature helps me focus on the present and get the headspace I need to work in these crazy times."

Chickens and roosters - Angelica Mari

Lucy - Ed Bott's office dog

Ed tells us, "Lucy has a bed under my desk and she usually hangs out there during my workday, pausing only to remind me that it's time to go for a walk. She's a rescued English Springer Spaniel, and she turns 12 in just a couple weeks, although she still has the energy of a feisty young pup."

Lucy - Ed Bott

Twiggy and Bella - Steven Vaughan-Nichols' editorial team

Steven says, "Twiggy, aka Mr. Twiggs, a 17-year old Shih Tzu, is my senior editorial assistant. His best buddy Mirabella "Bella" Marvel, a two-year-old calico, is my editorial intern. Together they're great at their main job: Maintaining morale during these difficult times."

Twiggy and Bella - Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols

Anna - Tonya Hall's kitty cat

Tonya tells us, "This is Anna (stage name Venom) she's a foster that I adopted in 2015. She was named after a computer virus at the time (as well as my late grandmother Anna Louis). Anna has had appearances on technology news shows such as ScreenSavers and TWiT.tv's This Week in Tech. Anna can always be found in the studio when recording and she loves to bird watch. She's always up to play and her job at our home office, besides on-air talent, is as HR."

Anna - Tonya Hall

Teddy, Brando, and Lucy - Elyse Picaro's pack 

Elyse writes, "Teddy is a three-year-old Siberian husky, and Brando and Lucy are six-year-old Russian Blues. They spend their days begging their fur mom to be let outside on a leash (even the cats) and require lots of snuggles and kisses in between article edits."

Teddy, Brando, and Lucy - Elyse Picaro

Speckles, Dorothy Ann, Cherry, and Biscuit - Aly Windsor's support staff

Aly says, "Speckles, our five-year-old lab mix, takes her watchdog duties very seriously. If she's not staring out the front window waiting for offensive passersby, she's asleep on the couch below it where I often work. Dorothy Ann, our two-year-old german shepsky, is the family therapist and resident goofball. Cherry (black pig) and Biscuit (the blonde) are technically my kids' pets (but guess who takes care of them). They have the sweetest squeaks and love grazing in clover."

Speckles, Dorothy Ann, and pigs - Aly Windsor

In memory of Lucky - David Grober's best buddy

It's with sadness that we end with David's news about Lucky. He tells us, "Our dog Lucky died on Good Friday. Lucky was the best companion a work-from-home empty nester like me could have wished for. I will miss him terribly." 

Lucky - David Grober

We hoped you enjoyed meeting our pets, and that our furry friends brought you a few minutes of cheer. If you'd like to share your pet stories, feel free to do so in the comments below. If you'd like us to see your pet's picture, post an image on Twitter and include @DavidGewirtz and @ZDNet in the message.

Hang in there, folks. Stay safe out there.

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