World's first M2M time clock powers payroll, doesn't fudge the numbers

The world's first machine-to-machine technology-powered time clock tracks hourly employees in the field for payroll, no paper time sheets necessary.
Written by Andrew Nusca, Contributor


Machine-to-machine communications tech provider Cinterion announced this morning that its technology is now embedded in what it calls "the world's first M2M time clock," keeping track of hourly employees without requiring someone to fill out a paper time card.

Punch-in, punch-out machines have existed for awhile but they're a real hassle for the kinds of employees that spend most of their time in the field: construction workers, landscaping specialists, factory workers, restaurant servers and hospital staff.

ExakTime's JobClock Hornet -- clock out late and you'll be stung! -- automatically captures and sends electronic time records over wireless networks.

The idea: simplify payroll processing and make jobsite management easier by getting time records from the field. No more running around to gather physical time sheets.

A weatherproof module sends the time clock stamped data every hour for up to 30 days without having to recharge its battery pack, allowing payroll to be processed throughout the week, and not just all at once at the end of the week. The real-time data also gives managers the ability to remotely reorganize workers in the field on the fly, for example if a worksite needs a few extra hands.

Cinterion works in a number of areas, including automotive, industrial, healthcare and security; it should be interesting to see where this tech pops up next.

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