Would a Nokia Windows Phone 7 device improves sales for either company?

Wild rumors run rampant in the smartphone world all the time and the latest speculation is that Nokia is actually talking with Microsoft about Windows Phone 7 hardware.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

There are always crazy stories online about the who is making what and even though most of these are wild unsubstantiated rumors it is something to discuss when news is slow. I just read on UnwiredView.com about the latest Eldar Murtazin newsletter that stated he has information that Nokia is in talks with Microsoft about making Windows Phone 7 devices and not just about expanding their Microsoft software offerings. You may recall that Nokia and Mr. Murtazin had an issue with a missing Nokia N8 a few months back and are not on the best of terms so I take this story as more of a checkout tabloid story than anything else, but like those crazy stories it is fun to speculate at times.

I am personally a fan of the new Windows Phone 7 operating system, I have always been a Windows Mobile fan, and also enjoy using Nokia devices. WP7 is obviously a much more modern and exciting operating system than the current Symbian OS found on devices like the Nokia N8, but Nokia is working hard on future versions of Symbian and their MeeGo OS with Intel so I highly doubt they are going to throw in the towel and adopt a Microsoft OS that is in its infancy and has a long way to go. If they were going to adopt another OS, it would make more sense to go with Android that is far more advanced and selling at a much faster pace than anything else at the moment.

We have no sales numbers for Windows Phone 7 so we cannot yet state how it is doing, but I know I personally settled for the HD7 hardware. The HD7 is fine, but the screen technology is older, the specs are just the minimum required by Microsoft, the camera is lame, and the device is nothing innovative as it is just the HD2 updated with the new OS. Nokia makes fantastic hardware and I would love to see them making Windows Phone 7 devices myself. However, I am not sure this would really increase sales of WP7 or Nokia devices. Those who use Nokia devices generally like the familiarity and functionality of Symbian so a device running WP7 may turn them off.

Would you like to see a Nokia Windows Phone 7 device? Do you think there is any possibility that these discussions are actually taking place?

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