Would you buy Windows 8? (Poll)

Would you be willing to pay for Windows 8? Vote now and let us know what you think!
Written by Stephen Chapman, Contributor

With such polarizing opinions circulating around the Web about Windows 8, there is just one important question I've yet to see anyone address: would you actually pay for Windows 8? I came to realize the other day that I am surrounded by opinions of Windows 8 from people who haven't had to pay for Windows in a very long time, so the thought didn't occur to me until just the other day to ask who would actually shell out their hard-earned cash for Microsoft's upcoming OS.

So, first, I'll ask the question: Would you pay for Windows 8?

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After casting your vote, let us all know why you chose the answer you chose! Here are a few points I am personally interested in reading insightful feedback about:

If you selected "yes," how much would you be willing to pay, and for which edition (Professional, Enterprise, full version, upgrade, etc.)? Additionally, which form factor would you most likely run Windows on (tablet, desktop, laptop)? To note, pricing and editions (or "SKUs") have yet to be made public, so this is all in the interest of hearty discussion.

If you selected "no," then what are you basing your reasoning on? Are you an enterprise worker who sees no reason to deploy Windows 8 across your company? Are you an end-user who sees absolutely no reason to spend X amount of dollars to upgrade? Personally, Windows 7 works amazingly well for me and I've no reason to upgrade as per the current exposure I've had with Windows 8.

If you're undecided, then feel free to share your thoughts on Windows 8 thus far. You can always come back and vote later, once you've formed an opinion one way or the other.

Remember, this isn't strictly a "do you like Windows 8" question; this is a question of if you would be willing to pay for it. You might like Windows 8, but would you actually shell out the cash for it? Vote now and let us know!

-Stephen Chapman


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