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Live updates and analysis on Steve Job's keynote address at the 2008 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference:11:50 am: Steve leaves the stage... that's it?
Written by Ed Burnette, Contributor

Live updates and analysis on Steve Job's keynote address at the 2008 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference:

11:50 am: Steve leaves the stage... that's it? What, no Mac announcements (other than Snow Leopard)? No tablet? No new MacBook? Waaaa.

11:45 am: Available July 11th in 22 countries. Steve runs some ads.

11:44 am: New iPhone 3G price: $199 8GB. $299 for 16GB. Also available in white.

11:40 am: New phone will be available in 12 countries at first, with 70 countries total over next several months. (Does the vision of red creeping across the globe give anybody the willies like it does me?)

11:39 am: Google maps again - demo of GPS tracking of a car moving down Lombard street. (hmm, looks like a recorded video).

11:38 am: GPS support now integrated into iPhone.

11:38 am: Better battery life, 300 hours standby, 10 hours 2G talk, 5 hours 3G talk 5-6 hours browsing, 7 hours video, 24 hours audio.

11:37 am: Email demo attachment: EDGE 18 seconds, 3G 5 seconds, WiFi 3 seconds.

11:36 am: 36% faster than other 3G phones (Nokia N95 took 33 seconds, and Treo 750 took 34 seconds). 2.8x faster than EDGE. Approaches WiFi speeds (WiFi did the same download in 17 seconds).

11:35 am: 3G has much faster downloads. Comparison: 3G finished download of web page in 21 seconds, EDGE in 59 seconds.

11:33 am: Thinner, rounder, full plastic back (black and shiny), solid metal buttons, 3.5 inch display (same), flush headphone jack. "Dramatically improved audio".

11:32 am:  Introducing iPhone 3G.

11:29 am: Back to Steve. Next challenges. Make iPhone more affordable. 56% of people who wanted iPhone but didn't get one say it's because of price.

11:28 am: MobleMe replaces .mac. .mac subscribers will automatically be upgraded. Free 60-day trial available with iPhone 2.0 software in early July. $99 per year, includes 20GB of iDisk space.

11:27 am: Synchronization appears to be pretty fast between devices. Take photo on phone, shows up on the web in seconds. Make calendar entry on web, shows up on phone in seconds.

11:22 am: iDisk over-the-air. Better get that unlimited data plan, folks.

11:21 am: Google maps make another showing in me.com's address book.

11:20 am: Oh joy, another webmail interface on me.com.

11:18 am: me.com will have iDisk too (cloud storage). Former owner of me.com has moved to snappville.com . I wonder how much they paid for that one.

11:16 am: Looks like Apple has purchased the me.com address but it's not live yet. Photos synched over the air too.

11:16 am: Works with Mail, iCal, Address book on Mac, Outlook on Windows.

11:13 am: Now for something "entirely new" (not really): MobileMe. Phil Schiller gives demo: "Exchange for the rest of us". get push email, contacts, calendars, etc. everything stored in the cloud. "ActiveStink" - funny.

11:12 am: Another option: Ad hoc distribution, up to 100 authorized iPhones.

11:11 am: Intranet applications can be distributed through the App store, will not be visible to anyone outside the company.

11:09 am: Steve teasing with App Store info. Wireless download (cell phone if <= 10MB, otherwise WiFi). Auto updates. Developer sets price, Apple's cut is 30%. No charge to anyone for free apps.

11:08 am: iPhone 2.0 available in early July, free for iPhone owners, $9.99 for iPod Touch owners.

11:06 am: (Steve Jobs:) New iPhone features include contact search, iWork documents (read only), Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. Now if they could just hook up a VGA projector to that puppy I wouldn't need to lug my laptop around so much. What else... scientific calculator if you turn the phone on its side from the regular calculator, that's cool.

11:04 am: The way it works is Apple maintains one connection to your phone from its servers. 3rd party servers talk to that server, which pushes things down to your phone. This will be available in September but will be previewed to developers soon.

11:02 am: Apple's solution is to have a push notification service any developer can use.

11:00 am: Now let's explain why we can't do background processes on the iPhone. Even though Android does it.

10:59 am: No pricing yet dndgeek, sorry.

10:58 am: Last demo (yay): Digital Legends 3d fantasy adventure game. Built a game in 4 days. (Is this supposed to impress us on the quality of the game or say something about the SDK?) Due out in September.

10:54 am: Another medical application, from MIMvista. The app I want to see is not shown - a portable CAT scanner.

10:52 am: Modality, a medical learning app. Clues that App store is not launching today (awww).

10:49 am: MLB.com shows off "At Bat". See today's games, stats, and live game info, plus real-time video highlights delivered right after the play (not the game).

10:46 am: Next demo: Band from Cow Music by Mark Terry. Lets you play music on the iPhone. 2-octave piano, drummer, blues, bassist.


10:42 am: Pangaea Software is next, showing two games. Enigmo is the first one. Other one is CroMag Rally, a 3D caveman racing game. (What, no Flinstones?) Racing game uses the iPhone as a steering wheel. (Yeah but will Apple sell you a real wheel to snap it into?) $9.99 each.

10:41 am: Ok, first-hand reporting is kinda cool. Send in a report yourself to AP, including photos and text. App makes use of location API to show nearby sources. Mobile News Network, will be free in App Store.

10:38 am: Next demo: AP (Associated Press). Photo and video from their web site. Whee. The crowd is getting restless. Well, not really, they're eating it all up, amazingly. Hey, if anybody's reading this let's start a chant: 3G! 3G! 3G!

10:37 am: Next demo: TypePad. Blog from your phone, with photos. Presumably with geolocation too. Yawn. I wanted an excuse to type more using the on-screen keyboard. Not.

10:34 am: Next demo: Loopt - shows you where you and your friends are on a Google map. I'm not sure I want my friends to know where I am. Free in the App Store.

10:31 am: Next demo: eBay Auctions. Hmm, I think I'd rather play Super Monkey Ball. Native app looks better than the Safari version. (eBay, not SMB) (well, both actually). Ironically they're searching for a Wii game.

10:30 am: Super Monkey Ball will be $9.99 in the App Store. To play it you tilt the phone. Isn't it amazing how much the Wii remote affected the market?


10:27 am: Sega is demonstrating games on the iPhone: Super Monkey Ball. That's a fun game if you've never tried it; I first played it on the PS2. They say it took 2 weeks to port to the iPhone SDK.

10:24 am: Created an iPhone app in 10 minutes, location-aware.

10:19 am: Interface Builder looks nice. Wish we had that for Android.

10:18 am: Steve Forestall: iPhone 2.0 has a native SDK, lets you call Core OS X APIs directly. Ya, tell us something we don't know already.

10:14 am: iPhone 2.0 will have most of the things Blackberry has had for years, including global address lookup and remote wipe. (I wonder if they'll have to deal with NTP and RIM on patents.)

10:11 am: Jobs says 35% of Fortune 500 participated in the iPhone 2.0 beta program; that's more than I expected.

10:10 am: iPhone 2.0 has 3 main focuses: Enterprise, SDK, and end-user features. Nothing new so far.

10:08 am: New OS X 10.6 will be called "Snow Leopard".

10:07 am: 5200+ attendees, a new record.

10:06 am: Steve Jobs takes the stage, and there was much rejoicing. Ok, that's all for the conference, go home folks.

10:05 am: Lights dim... it's not like them to start late. Maybe Steve had a turtleneck malfunction.

10:02 am: Start already... what's Al Gore doing here?


9:58 am: Getting ready to start.

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